Lux - Reverb
Lux - Reverb
Lux - Reverb
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Lux - Reverb

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"Lux" is our latest dreamy - plate style - digital ambient reverb with endless decay. Yes, decay can be infinite to create thick soundscapes/drones from outer space. Being much more ambient than lo-fi, "Lux" will never be too sterile but warm and natural.

"Lux" is as simple as possible: You only need decay, mix, and pre-delay controls to create beautiful reverb sounds. To be a bit more flexible, we doubled the mix and decay pots to get an additional preset. Switch between the presets via the right footswitch.

Inside the pedal, you'll find a tails switch. The pedal will be delivered with an engaged tails function. Use the switch to cut the reverb tail when pressing the bypass switch.


Ambient Reverb (plate style) with infinite decay
One Preset via doubled mix and decay pots
Soft-touch switch, relay bypass
9V DC, 2,1mm, center negative

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