JPTR FX Death Saw

JPTR FX Death Saw

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Looking for a pedal that will give you the raw, old-school death metal sound you crave? Look no further than the JPTR FX Death Saw - a classic pedal that is a must-have for any serious death metal guitarist.

This pedal is a reworked Boss HM-2 style pedal that has been stripped down to its bare essentials - no knobs, just pure, unadulterated distortion. With its massive gain and filthy metallic tone, the Death Saw is the perfect tool for creating brutal, bone-crushing riffs.

But here's the secret: the Death Saw is not just for death metal. Shoegazer guitarists have discovered that this pedal is a hidden gem that can create the metallic, filthy sound that defines the genre. Its unique tone and versatility make it a must-have for any shoegazer guitarist looking to expand their sonic palette.

The Death Saw is a cult classic that has won the hearts of many top death metal and shoegazer guitarists. And with this updated version, we've made it even better than before, ensuring that it delivers the ultimate in tone and performance.

So whether you're a death metal veteran or a shoegazer newcomer, order your JPTR FX Death Saw today and experience the ultimate in distortion power - from the raw, old-school sound of death metal to the metallic, filthy tones of shoegazer.


Technical Specification:

- 9V
- Small enclosure 
- no Knobs 

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