OMNIA - humbucker

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This is our take on combining the accurate translation of your instrument’s voice with the feel and response of a traditional passive pickup system. Mostly because it is.

There is no magic involved and no fairies or mystical creatures. Just the knowledge, craftsmanship and love needed to provide you with a pickup that will translate exactly what you want express with your instrument.

Using AlNiCo 5 magnets this pickup offers a medium output, a wide dynamic range and crisp, defined transients. Its open voicings interact with saturation, overdrive and distortion in a way which allows for anything from crystal clear clean sounds over edge-of-breakup crunch all the way to tight chugs and all the gainz.

Due to the uncompressed, open voicing and clarity, this pickup system is perfectly suited to be fed into massive pedalboards or modellers that allow for huge amounts of sound shaping or directly into your favorite amp. The possibilities are almost endless.

All in all, providing a highly dynamic and clear signal, this is the ideal versatility-aimed pedal platform pickup for any complex signal chain - or just translating your instrument’s sound as accurately as physically possible.

Three variations:

Both neck and bridge feature a classic hot and cold lane and are always operated in full humbucking mode.

Humbucker Pro S 
Both pickups offer additional terminals for switches; if flipped, both bridge and neck pickups change their voicings into resembling a single coil while eliminating typical single coil hum.

Humbucker Pro C 
Both pickups offer additional terminals for switches; if flipped, the bridge pickup switches into "Chug Mode" in which only the lowest three strings are being picked up, while the neck pickup changes its voicing into resembling a single coil while eliminating typical single coil hum in both pickups.