VETUS - humbucker

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  • passive
  • low impedance
  • medium output
  • AlNiCo 5 magnets
  • highly dynamic
  • round and warm midrange


A familiar place, waking associations of trust, warmth and peaceful bliss. Back then, back there, when life was simple and worries were unknown.
That’s the feeling of having arrived, of being home.
Just let loose and gently dive into this place in your mind.

Simply put, this is what Vetus does to you and your instrument.

We took our technological approach with all its advantages over classical pickup structures and fitted it to the needs of vintage-lovers.
The bridge pickup offers a smooth and round frequency response for creamy and tasty clean to crunch sounds meeting tasteful neck sparkle, providing all the dynamics you wish for to make your amp sing.

There is no magic involved and no fairies or mystical creatures. Just the knowledge, craftsmanship and love needed to provide you with a pickup that will translate exactly what you want to express with your instrument with a tasteful touch of sepia.

Both neck and bridge pickup use AlNiCo 5 magnets for stunning dynamic range.
While the bridge pickup gently snuggles its smooth top end on top of your instrument’s signal, the neck pickup shines with the soft vibrancy of the most relaxed, perfectly brewed cup of coffee you’ve ever enjoyed on a beautiful Sunday morning.

This is the way to go, if you’re all about the intersection area between definition and warmth.

This pickup is the incorporated renaissance symbolizing the romance between vintage voiced pickups and analog circuitry which has a decade-long history and millions of followers all around the world.

In short, providing a smooth sound and great dynamic range, this is the way to go if you’re looking for a forward-looking reinterpretation of vintage voiced Humbuckers.

Two variations: 

Both neck and bridge feature a classic hot and cold lane and are always operated in full humbucking mode.

Humbucker Pro S
Both pickups offer additional terminals for switches or jumpers; if flipped, the pickup switches its voicing into resembling a single coil while eliminating typical single coil hum.