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OMNIA - quad rail Humbucker - active

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This is Omnia
  • Stunning clarity
  • high output
  • innovative Quad Rail technology - with highly permeable blades
  • wiring possibilities: parallel, series, hum rejecting single coil voicing
  • Neodymium bridge magnet
  • AlNiCo8 neck magnet
  • well equilibrated mid range
  • highly dynamic
  • precise projection
  • ideal for pedal platform, modelling or straight-into-tube-stack approaches 

This is Omnia.

What if you were told that you never actually really heard your instrument?

We put a lot of thought into the problems of current pickups.

Most pickups developed to be competing with other pickups in terms of output by combining dynamic-crushing ceramic magnets with overwound coils; this comes with the drawback of loss of top end information; definition and clarity.

Many classic pickups force their frequency response upon the instrument, marketed with big words like „character“, distorting and often absolutely covering the instrument’s inherent sound; the wood and construction in which dozens of hours and craftsmanship were put in to make it a unique tool.

Look at it like this: Painting will be much easier on a white piece of canvas than on a blue one.

There is no magic involved and no fairies or mystical creatures. Just the knowledge, craftsmanship and love needed to provide you with a pickup that will translate exactly what you want to express with your favorite instrument.


Our goal was clear

We created a hot pickup while enhancing the frequency response to project all the good stuff happening at ranges you’d normally not perceive; giving you the full experience of what your instrument really sounds like, creating the ultimately versatile canvas to twist and bend your sound to your likings or just enjoy all the raw and pure beauty inherent to your instrument.

Saturation-type effects like overdrives or distortions respond very well to the enhanced overtone range of a full range signal, just like modulating effects have much more substance to work with and really shine in a new light.

We chose Neodymium as a bridge magnet to maximize the output while maintaining the full dynamic range, AlNiCo8 made a great complement at the neck pickup.

Also, by working with four coils there’s a huge increase in tonal variation without loss of quality;
We’ve implemented a hum rejection system for our single coil voicing, no drawbacks.


So, what sets Omnia apart?

Full range projection.

Truly showing your instrument’s sound in a new, unbiased light - giving you maximum versatility to be creative and enjoy your favorite instrument.

Full dynamic range.
Any nuance of your playing will be directly translated - no more compressed bridge sounds.

No dead spots.
With our highly permeable blades, we get a homogenous projection across all strings - full trembucker compatibility.

Low Noise
Even the single coil voicing won’t pick up any cycle hum.

Each pickup comes with four wire outputs like classic humbuckers to make series, parallel or single coil voicing switching options possible.

Wiring diagrams are included.


This is Omnia.

Experience your instrument’s true sound.


Download wiring manual here