ROTTEN WITNESS - humbucker
ROTTEN WITNESS - humbucker
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ROTTEN WITNESS - humbucker

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Rotten Witness


set or single bridge/neck


bridge: Ceramic, neck: AlNiCo8



dynamic range


magnetic field carrier

hex pole pieces


heavily resonant and mid-heavy, dark


hottest pickup you’ve ever played


anything with lots (!) of gain, anything needing high input and mid push, extreme metal tones

Fueled by fire and hate, this savage beast of rage is out to spill flesh and blood as it corrupts your signal into chaos and madness. Your clean tone will cease to exist and your audience will decay into rotten tissue as they witness the abomination known as the Rotten Witness.

The Rotten Witness; for when you need a throatier tone that sounds like a dagger to the eye socket. 

This beast of a pickup came into life following a straight and uncompromising approach: To build the hottest pickup possible.

Calling it mid-heavy, resonant, dense and hot are hilarious belittlements not even beginning to grasp the extent of this amp-torturer.

No, it doesn’t like clean sounds. It’s not dynamic. It doesn’t have an intricate feel. It’s not balanced or equilibrated.

This is pure rage incorporated into two coils packed to the rim with coils, grasping to the fattest ceramic bar available for their life.

If you’re not into extreme sounds, this ain’t your pickup because this is nasty.

Download wiring manual here

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