Rusty Nail - humbucker
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Rusty Nail - humbucker

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Rusty Nail


set or single bridge/neck


bridge: ceramic, neck: AlNiCo8



dynamic range


magnetic field carrier

steel rails


balanced, suited for modern metal tones


medium to high gain rock and metal tones


This dual-railed elegance was created to accommodate the guitarist who looks for a high-output pickup which generally aims towards modern tones without either being pushed too much into a prominent voicing completely covering the guitar’s inherent tone or being too flat and characterless. It’s not a compromise but a combination of the best of both worlds.

It’s definitely a high output pickup which loves gain and feels easy to play due to the choice of a ceramic magnet at the bridge, but it’s also balanced and versatile for being what it is. While being roughly shaped into the general direction of higher gain sounds it leaves enough space to use it in other contexts and has a beautiful cleanup.

If you’re looking for a detailed and accommodating modern-voiced pickup which doesn’t color your tone too much, this dual-railed pickup is the perfect choice. 

Pickup creator Till Westphal’s favorite amongst the standard part pickups!


Download wiring manual here

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